Tarla is a business that was born during the Covid19 pandemic, when the UK was in Lockdown. My search history clogged up with "pandemic", "joy" and "croissants". I wanted to find a story that would inspire the brand, and embody my ambition to bring the joy. I came across the legend of El Tarlà and whilst it doesn't matter if it is or not, I hope it's true.

The Legend of El Tarlà

Legend has it that many years ago the plague was found in C/Argenteria, Girona, the capital of Catalonia. To prevent it spreading, the whole street was put in strict quarantine; everything was forced to close, and the people told to stay in their houses.

Residents grew depressed and bored, until one of them, who called himself Tarlà, started to distract them by doing acrobatics. Every evening Tarlà would appear, as if by magic, and bring a small amount of joy to the otherwise unhappy city.

El Tarlà fell in love with a pastry chef's beautiful daughter and one day, during a secret visit, he was exposed by the girl's father when a bag of flour caused him to sneeze - "Xui! Xui!". To assuage the father's anger, el Tarlà promised to marry his daughter and to give him a secret pastry recipe. He called the pastry 'Xuixo' after the sneeze which is now considered globally as the Catalonian Croissant.