Born out of the pandemic

We all have our own stories for Covid19 and 2020, and whilst I'm sure mine is no worse than any others, it was the reason for starting Tarla.

For many days during lockdown, my daughter and I would go to the park to get a break from the house. On the way, we'd pick up a croissant from the park cafe. Before taking on slide mountain, or digging into the sandpit, we'd sit on a bench and share it between us. It was a small moment of joy in what was otherwise a pretty bleak time.

I was reminded of a Kurt Vonnegut quote, and driven by a desire to have and share more moments like these. So that's why we're here, to bring the joy. We'll leave you to save the world. You're going to crush it.

“Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realise they were the big things.”

Kurt Vonnegut

I started to wonder, why are some croissants great and others not, and why can't we make great ones at home ourselves. I quickly learnt that great croissants and great pastries start with great ingredients, and in particular great butter. Charentes-Poitou is a characterful region in western France, nestled between land and sea, combining rich soil with a mild climate. It's the perfect environment for happy cows, eating amazing grain and producing brilliant milk.

Charentes-Poitou PDO butter meets precise specifications. All of which give the butter its smooth, creamy texture with an inimitable hazelnut taste. Patisserie chefs across the world recognise it as the best, which is why we use it exclusively in our pastry dough.

An ethos for better

  • Flour

    Farine Supérieure or Type 45. Milled from the innermost parts of the wheat berry so that the flour produced is very fine, contributing to a wonderfully elastic dough.

  • Yeast

    Fresh yeast, not chemical raising agents. Our strain is especially active in breaking down the sugars and breathing out CO2 gas bubbles. The not-so-secret to the perfectly light and flaky pastries.

  • Craftsmanship

    It's not easy to make layers that are less than a mm thick, so we've hired the best patisserie chefs with decades of experience in Michelin starred venues across the world.

  • Care

    We have a passion for great pastry, and take every care and all the time necessary to make you receive only the best. By following our easy 3-step instructions, you'll soon be baking delicious pastries too.

No planet, no pastries

We’ve done everything we can to make sure our packaging has a light footprint on the planet. Everything you receive is recyclable, and we're continuing to find ways to reduce how much packaging we use. We're committed to keep on improving in this area and welcome any suggestions

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Who is Tarla?

The inspiration for our brand and our guiding principles is the Legend of El Tarla. A young man who brought joy to the isolated citizens of Girona during an outbreak of the plague.

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