• Almond Croissant
  • Almond Croissant
  • Almond Croissant
  • Almond Croissant

Almond Croissant

Kit of 6

We’ll let you into a secret, most bakeries will use left-over or day-old croissant to turn into their almond sisters.  Not us, we believe fresh is best.  You’ll receive 6 perfectly cut triangles, crafted with layer after layer of butter and paper-thin dough, a piping bag pre-filled with a sweet and luscious Almond Crème Patisserie, and flaked almonds to sprinkle on top.  Buttery, flakey, nutty, sweet, so many words to describe the ultimate indulgence

Also includes a nifty spray bottle of glaze to give your pastries the perfect golden colour and a glossy shine. The same way the professionals do it.

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Our pastry is made from



Farine Supérieure or Type 45. Milled from the innermost parts of the wheat berry so that the flour produced is very fine, contributing to a wonderfully elastic dough.



From the best butter region in the world, the Charentes-Poitou region of France. With its sunny ocean climate, mild winters, hot summers and regular rainfall, it’s as close as the cattle could get to a holiday home. Happy cows eating amazing grain produce the perfect milk to make butter with exceptional flavour.



Fresh yeast, rather than dry. We use a particularly active strain that breaks down the sugars and breathes out CO2 during proofing., These gas bubbles expand further in the oven due to the heat, pushing apart the different layers again.



In addition to providing flavor and color (favoring caramelization), sugar is part of the food for yeast.



To perfectly control the fats, we use a skim milk powder and filtered water which creates a softer, fuller flavour.

Planet Friendly

We love our planet, and consider it in everything we do. We won’t claim to be perfect, very few people are, however we have made sure to find the most planet-friendly packaging solution for all our products. Our paper pouches are plastic-free, and everything we send you can be recycled – except the pastries.

Let the good times roll

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jake Doxat
Excellent all round

They were gifted, and the recipient had great fun making them, but most importantly the final products were really, really good. Much better than anything I’ve ever had in a cafe or patisserie.

Uzma M
freshly baked Croissants - such a difference!

Easy instructions, everything is included - even the extra almond paste on top and almond flakes. Everything is provided in more amount than I could possibly force myself to use up. However, once baked, I was a little disappointed that the almond paste melted off, pooled around the croissants in extra oil and so the flakes fell off as well. The taste was nonetheless soft & fluffy inside, buttery and crispy outside. The extra almond paste did make for a bit oily mouthfeel, but still so nice to bake your own and taste fresh croissants.

Adrian Williams
The Perfect Gift

I had found out that almond croissants were her favourite treat. The Tarla Kit arrived. Bingo it hit every spot. Perfection. A very happy bunny.

The Best Homemade treats

I doubt you can get better homemade croissants anywhere else