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Bringing the smells and tastes of your favourite patisserie to your home. Our kits have everything you need to easily make killer pastries every time. We’ve done the tricky bits so all you need to do is roll, proof and bake!

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How it works

  • Choose your fave

    This sounds easier than it's going to be. We've got all the classics on here, so now it's over to you.

  • Ding dong

    Next you'll get a beautiful little package delivered to your door, on a day and time slot that you choose.

  • Get baked

    Take your fresh pastry sheet and fillings, learn our pro techniques then never buy a stale pastry ever again.

  • Take the credit

    It was all you, nudge-nudge wink-wink. We're just happy to be your loyal side-kick.

Freshly baked means fresh bakery smells filling your home, warm oozey pastries on your plates, and never needing to get out of your PJs.

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Let the good times roll
In the bottom left part of the image there is a Tarla pastry kit box with a plate on top of it containing a half-eaten freshly baked croissant, some butter and jam. There is another plate with a croissant on it and a coffee in the lower left of the image
  • Better than
    the bakery

    You’ll soon be making pastries to rival the best bakeries in town. We use only the best ingredients for generous pastries that taste and smell amazing. So good, that you’ll take all the credit.

  • Planet-friendly

    We’ve done everything we can to make sure our packaging has the lightest footprint on the planet as possible. We’ve made sure everything is recyclable, and use as little packaging as we can.

  • Simple to bake
    at home

    We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to. Every pastry is easy to make with our 3-step instructions and doesn’t require any special tools – just an oven!

Fresh pastry being folded in the kitchen by a chef

Amazing Ingredients

We like to keep things simple and authentic. We’ve sourced the very best from the very best, from our Poitou-Charentes butter to our Valrhona chocolate batons.
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Legendary Bakes

The inspiration for our brand and our guiding principles is the Legend of El Tarlà. A young man who brought joy to the isolated citizens of Girona during an outbreak of the plague.

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